About Katia Jardine

My name is Katia Jardine and I have been a dog groomer since September of 2011 following a 6-week full time intensive course. What attracted me to this course in particular was the fact that the trainer taught us how to groom dogs without restraints, just dog psychology, touch and lots of love and patience. I have found this to work wonders as dogs appear to be a lot calmer and actually enjoy going to the groomers!

I am a member of the Pet Care Trust and the British Dog Groomers Association. I keep myself updated by constantly learning new techniques, attending shows (Festival of Grooming), seminars and championships (British Dog Grooming Championship) and reading a number of magazines, blogs and publications of the grooming world.

My background includes a BA in Music and a Diploma in Business Management plus an extensive career in marketing, most recently as an online marketing consultant (shame I never seem to have the time to apply these techniques myself!). After 20 odd years working in an office based environment I was compelled to do something that would be a bit more hands on, use my love of dogs and arts & crafts and hence Waggy Tails Grooming was born!

If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment please call me on 07738 595466 or 01371 606180, or book an appointment online by clicking on the blue button on the right.


About Sandra Farewell

Hi my name is Sandra Farewell

Before I got into doing dog grooming I was doing dog training ( of which I now have 18 years experience ) and as I was running my own landscaping business at the time I did it as a hobby and so gave free lesson and advice to anyone who needed my help. Because some dogs for one reason or another will not tolerate being handled by a groomer I started helping owners by showing them how to wash their own dogs this was about 14 years ago and in that time I have washed and trimmed dogs with all kinds of behavioural problems ranging from the very nervous to the very naughty, but eventually they all learn to trust me and with time begin to relax. I’ve even had some fall asleep while being groomed. I have a great passion for all dogs, their needs and happiness always comes first.IMG_1724-001

My background:

Two City and Guilds in Horticulture

Advanced Diploma in Horticulture

Cert IV Dental Nursing (Assistance during General Anaesthesia and Conscious Sedation

Cert IV Dental Assisting Dental Radiography

I have had a variety of jobs over many years but the one that got me interested in dogs was when I worked in a pet shop for a year. This is where I was taught about animal care.

I got interested in dog training 20 years ago when at the time I had a dog with serve aggression and had to take him to problem dog classes, the dog trainer for this class applied the pack rules and so got quick results in changing bad dog behaviour when he was handling them( it took much longer for the owners ) and it was this technique that I wanted to learn and so that’s where my journey began in not just learning about the pack rules (of which the trainer was kind enough to teach me) but how to change my behaviour to become the pack leader of any dog. I am also in the process of writing two books one of which will include some of the experiences from the 19 years learning to train dogs.